School Vision

Our vision is that every child leaves RKPS as a well-rounded learner, equipped with the skills and experiences to succeed at secondary school and beyond. The RKPS learner possesses the Values and learning behaviours to help them succeed in making their mark on our fast changing world.

Through quality first teaching, we provide our children with the essential skills and knowledge they need in reading, writing, mathematics, science and computing.

We harbour a genuine love of learning through myriad enrichment opportunities: trips out of school to castles, farms, planetariums. From the time a child arrives in our Nursery and Reception classes, they are taught how to grow their own food and understand what nature can provide. Our children are offered a wide selection of clubs to take part in - most of which are free – we believe that there is a hobby out there for everyone. There is a sporting culture here at RKPS.

With our five school Values of Kindness, Equality, Respect, Positivity and Teamwork running through the very fabric of the school, our children are taught the Values which will serve themselves and society well in the years ahead.

From the moment our children arrive at RKPS, they are taught the learning behaviours they will need to achieve success. They are resilient learners who aspire to do great things!

RKPS children leave us with a real enthusiasm for learning and the sort of people who you want to keep in touch with in the years to come.

Our School Vision Summary