School Vision

Our School Vision Summary


Our vision for the pupils of Rudyard Kipling Primary School & Nursery is that:

  • They will have a love of learning, feel ready for the future and want to keep on learning more

  • They will know what it feels like to be good at something and will have achieved their very best

  • They will understand just how amazing they are, believe in themselves and have the confidence & resilience to follow their aspirational dreams

  • They will have grown healthy and strong and understand how to look after their body and mind

  • They will have known friendship and learnt how to get along well with other people

  • They will feel part of their community, proud of their school and inspired to make a difference

Every member of our staff team are determined that our children will achieve these aims. This document serves to summarise our priorities for the next 3 year period to enable our vision to become a reality for our young people.

This document represents all members of our school community and we have worked hard to ensure that the voice of children, parents, carers, staff and governors is reflected throughout, through consultation with and input from each group. It is our mission that we continue to work in partnership with out stakeholders to provide the best education possible for our children, building on what we do well and continually reflecting on ways to drive forward school improvement.

Our key priorities for the next 3 years are summarised under the key OFSTED headings and are based on evidence from self-review and self-evaluation. We have also identified priorities under headings which are particularly pertinent to RKPS and make our school a special place to learn and work. These priorities will be carried forward in our school improvement plan, with key measurable actions identified to ensure rigorous reflection and demonstration of our successes, as well as newly identified ways forward.

Please see our full vision document below.

School VisionĀ