Outdoor Play and Learning (OPAL)

We are about to launch an exciting new project to make our play times even better, in conjunction with OPAL.

OPAL has won the best active schools’ programme in Europe award and been cited in two Parliamentary Reports as outstanding practice. OPAL is working closely with Sport England to promote more active childhoods. Our hope is that this project will change the way we think and how we play together. To facilitate this project we will need to buy some new resources, move some things around on the playground and we will also require some loose parts. Loose parts are any materials that can be easily moved, combined, and incorporated into children's free play. There will be more information to follow at a parent’s session later in the year, when you will be invited to come and play with your children (COVID permitting). We are really excited about this project and hope that you will support us in our efforts to improve playtime for all children.

Here is what some of our children think about OPAL...

"They are great because they are almost our entertainment and if they weren’t there, we would have to make up games that already exist."

"I really enjoy stuff outside because me and my friends have already made up lots of new games with them."

"They are exiting because there is lots of new equipment that we have not seen before."

"It is quite amazing because we can build towers and roll them down the hill."

"I like the dressing up".

"That was the best lunchtime I've ever had!"

"Can we do this every lunchtime?"

Our staff are also loving the new playtime routine...

"The children are playing so well together and there are a lot less arguments."

"The language the children are using is amazing and they are talking to each other much more!"

"The children had lined up all the plastic containers and when I asked what they were playing, they said they were doing a stock take!"