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Links for Children

We are aware that pupils / students are feeling understandably anxious about coronavirus. In school we have:

  • Kept ourselves informed through the Public Health website

  • Encouraged staff to give reassuring messages and manage their own anxiety professionally as we know that children and young people can pick up on adult anxiety

  • Explained what the coronavirus is including the message that most people who get the virus do not get seriously ill or die from it

  • Reminded pupils / students of the importance of hand washing

  • Explained that worry and anxiety are a normal part of life and provided some ideas for how to manage worry such as talking to someone or switching off any upsetting or worrying news or social media

  • Been clear that any jokes, banter or unkindness about someone who is or could be in isolation or ill from the coronavirus or other illness is not acceptable

  • Been clear that any anti-Chinese or other racism will be challenged and recorded in line with our school policy

  • Been clear that our school is a welcoming and inclusive environment where we aim for everyone to be kept as safe as possible.

As parents and carers you may want to repeat the messages above and support your child to manage any difficult feelings. If your child is struggling with anxiety about this or other things you may find these links helpful:

This website provides helpful information to support adult wellbeing:

This is animation for you to watch with your child. Aimed at children under the age of seven, it introduces the idea of making their own ‘comfort kit’ that they can turn to whenever they feel upset.

If your family is experiencing any racism then please report to the Police, the Racial Harassment Forum or the Community Safety Team.

The Community Safety Team can be contacted by calling 01273 292735 or by e-mail at . A duty officer is available Mon to Fri 0900-1700 to provide advice and guidance regarding any prejudiced based/hate incident concern.

If you are directly impacted by the virus, we send you our best wishes and ask that you follow advice you have been given.